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5 Star Rating
TONY C. from on 6/4/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Highly recommend"

"My family's been using Charlie's for over 15 years. Old school values of Honesty, Integrity, and Courtesy. Always willing to go over everything and answer any questions. A real class act."
5 Star Rating
Brianna from on 6/3/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"they are great explained everything and worked hard to get the problem fixed fast"

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5 Star Rating
Joseph Harris from 07/30/2021:
"We are going on a road trip this weekend and I dropped off my car for a routine inspection to make sure nothing happens during our trip. Kyle was super friendly and helpful and said I could drop it off that Wed and they could get it back to me before my trip. They found some issues and fixed them all on time before my trip and they also didn't overcharge for their services. I highly recommend them and will be coming back again in the future. They are responsive, on time, and really easy to work with. Highly recommend! Thanks again!!!"
5 Star Rating
Mike Pulaski from 07/18/2021:
"Had a rattle in my steering column. Spent quality time hunting it down and tech was certainly interested in tracking it down. Most place can't be bothered and only want the easy fixes. Great communication and service. Will definitely go back for any repairs in the future."
5 Star Rating
Noelle Alissa from 09/03/2021:
"They were excellent! Kyle the Service Manager, couldn't have been more accommodating and was extremely knowledgeable about what needed to be fixed and why. He is also was a great person. Charlie, the Owner was also very nice and kind."
5 Star Rating
Tom Jeker from 06/10/2021:
"I moved to Bellmawr in November of 2019. This is the first I needed to use a shop. While at Lowe's my left lower ball joint failed completely. I called AAA and asked for a suggestion and this was the shop they said to go to. From the moment I pulled in behind the Rollback a stressful situation felt a lot better. The men who came out were friendly. They unloaded my car right into the bay so they could work on it right away. I went in to deal with the details of the repair. I was told I would receive a text and email with what they found. I received it not long after getting home and called the shop. The gentleman I talked to was very kind. There was no hard sale. The list was a good one, my car is a 2005 Jeep Liberty. He immediately told me not to worry and worked with me as to what was there so that I was aware of it and what needed to be done asap. We settled on what needed to be done and my car was done the next day!! Pickup was just as great as everything else. The price was lower than what was quoted and I was thanked for my business. I was given an Oil Change card since I had mine changed. Two more and my fourth one is free! I was also given a loyalty card which is nice perk. I found my mechanic for my time living here. Now to start picking away at the rest of that list!!"
5 Star Rating
Olivia Hunt from 08/06/2021:
"I will say I was mad they had my car for a week but I was for a good reason.they took good care of my baby she runs great again they where Bluntly honest,friendly,kind, and caring and they fixed my front bumper that was hanging I would recommend them to anyone that needs work done to there car. They really do care some shops just want money they really cared about my baby. 100 ?? ??."